The priting aspect of this work is a trade in itself, which we both practice. In this process, ink, a mix of pigments and oil, is applied on the plate, and then wiped; after which the plate, covered with a damp paper, is submitted to heavy pressure under the press, releasing its ink and relief onto the paper. The process must be repeated in full for each print.
We generally use more than one color, or more than one value of a color, to print. There is only one color, or value, in this example. When there are several colors or values of colors, they can be applied and wiped separately, to avoid unwanted mixing, if needed.
Ink is very thick and sticky, since it contains a lot of pigment, or color particles. Using canvas-type oil paint would result in a very faint image. To get a dense print, ink must contain a high concentration of pigment, and so becomes highly viscous. It must be applied with great care, making sure to fill even the deepest incisions.